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Welcome to Checkmate Fiction. The site's name has no special meaning, except that I like the game of chess, despite never being a very good player.

My name is George J. Condon and I'm a Canadian writer. Usually, I write science fiction stories or detective novels because I love those two genres. Now and then, I'll try mainstream fiction or even a nonfiction article, if I think I can find a market. If you're a writer yourself, then I don't need to tell you about what it's like trying to find markets.

Come on in and look around. You'll find free short stories in the Short Fiction Samples section. Even if none of that interests you, you can use the links I've supplied to go to several other sites that may be useful to you, whether you're a writer or not.

My books are available on-line at Lulu.com and Amazon.com.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit and that you'll come back soon.


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E-books and paperbacks
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